The Filipino Teacher is single-mindedly Gabay Guro’s purpose, passion, and pride! Thus, the Teachers’ Tribute Pillar creates experiences, big and small, to caringly give teachers the appreciation and honor they so rightfully deserve in recognition of their selfless contribution to nation-building – sharing not only the brilliance of their minds, but also, the kindness of their hearts full of love and unwavering passion to teach.

The humble Gabay Guro Tribute Card is given to teachers when they attend Gabay Guro trainings and events in appreciation of their active participation. The Tribute Card allows them to get freebies from several teacher-friendly partner establishments of Gabay Guro.

The festive annual Grand Gathering events organized by the Teachers’ Tribute Pillar is the biggest heartfelt gesture of gratitude Gabay Guro gives to our teachers. Our teachers look forward to this event each year as they are feted with grand performances by the country’s top entertainers, giving them many unforgettable moments.
Over 500,000 teachers have participated in multiple Grand Gathering events - 3 in Metro Manila, 12 in Regional Teacherfest events, and 3 outside the country.

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