Health & Wellness

Maximizing our teachers’ physical, mental, and social well-being
The Filipino teacher is known for their dedication to educate the younger generation. As they give so much of themselves to their profession, they also constantly confront their own challenges, whether physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, or financial. We call them heroes, but they also need support to sustain their commitment, and caring to allow them to live a better quality of life.
By investing in the overall well-being of our teachers, we enable them to thrive in their profession and help create an exceptional learning experience for their students. And what’s more, we are also creating a positive ripple effect that benefits their families, relationships, and communities alike.
Gabay Guro’s Health and Wellness Pillar was created exactly to address this critical need of our teachers. This Pillar will launch thoughtful initiatives that seek to ease the stress on our teachers’ lives and boost their overall wellness; be it a well-deserved timeout from their hectic pace to rest and recharge their energy, or simply provide them moments to be mindful, to reflect, and put their minds at ease.
Indeed, our teachers’ wellness is a priority. Today, tomorrow, always!