Gabay Guro
Building the nation one teacher at a time.

Gabay Guro's mission is to provide programs that are anchored on our 7 Core Pillars. These programs are designed to hone and improve the welfare of our Filipino teachers nationwide.


Teachers’ Training

Teachers’  Training

The Training pillar develops competency and mindset building programs designed to uplift the capabilities and passion of our teachers to teach and educate. We have over 50,000 teachers trained in almost 100 cities/ provinces including trainings in Sabah, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Among the current training programs being offered under Gabay Guro Training Pillar are:

  • Teachers’ Treasure Chest
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • English Proficiency
  • Teachers’ Armor
  • Leadership Training
  • IT Sustainability and Literacy
  • Unleashing Creativity in Teaching
  • Personality Development
  • Surviving and teaching the Digital Age
  • Sustainability: Surviving Climate Change
  • Financial Literacy
  • Children’s Rights (Child Abuse, Bullying, Harassment etc.)

Learn more about the Gabay Guro training courses below.

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Training & Activities

TRAININGS CONDUCTED AS OF JULY 2014: Teacher’s Treasure Chest, English Proficiency Training, Computer Literacy, Emotional, Intelligence, Teacher’s Armor, Leadership Training, IT Sustainability and Literacy, Unleashing Creativity in Teaching


Teachers’ Treasure Chest

Rekindle the passion and enhance teaching skills in this high-impact training.

The Teacher’s Treasure Chest is a one-day, high impact training which will allow professional teachers to rekindle their passion for teaching and learn some very simple yet very effective lessons which will enhance their teaching skills. The training employs eclectic teaching and learning techniques that will guarantee high learning impact. By the end of the program, teacher participants will:

  • Understand the Key Principles of Good Teaching
  • Know how to plan and effectively handle better the First Day of Class
  • Apply new ways of motivating and inspiring students to learn better
  • Learn how to improve their teaching through the understanding of learning styles and different learning and teach methods
  • Be motivated themselves to aspire and remain as excellent teachers continually imbibed with the passion for teaching

English Proficiency Program

This seminar-workshop exposes teachers to effective English as a Second Language
(ESL) methods proven to foster language proficiency in the classroom.

The Gabay Guro English Proficiency Program is a 24-hour seminar-workshop designed to address the language teaching gap evidenced by poor student performance in national achievement tests. During the workshop, teacher-participants are exposed to English as a Second Language (ESL) methods which have been proven to be more effective than traditional language learning activities. The speaking and writing exercises are designed to help teachers improve their ability to become language models and to create classroom activities which balance language fluency with accuracy. An integrative assessment done towards the end of the program measures learning gains and identifies improvement areas.

Teachers’ Armor

In a one-day interactive learning event, teachers get to further level up knowledge in quality management, leadership and forging meaningful alliances.

Teacher’s Armor is a one-day interactive learning event customized for teachers with mixed soft skills disciplines to further level up knowledge in quality management, leadership and forging meaningful alliances. It is designed to brush up skills that will strengthen teachers’ competencies in social interfaces, knowledge transfer, creativity and responsible talent stewardship. The event will cover five modules:

Module 1: Power Conversations
Patt dela Pena

Module 2: Seeds of Creativity
Maite Montelibano

Module 3: Selling Knowledge
Osie Bayot

Module 4: Busting Stress Out
Rose Florido

Module 5: Team Dynamics, Values Empowerment and Motivational Rah-Rah!
Nonong Noriega

PLDT Gabay Guro continues to expand its reach in the country to train them become better teachers for their students. We will be conducting Teacher’s Treasure Chest trainings in Boracay in September, Bacolod and Cavite this October and November, respectively. English Proficiency Trainings will be conducted in various provinces throughout the country. IT Sustainability Courses for Teachers will be held in partnership with PECCI and will be having three classes for our teachers.