Gabay Guro
Building the nation one teacher at a time.

Gabay Guro's mission is to provide programs that are anchored on our 7 Core Pillars. These programs are designed to hone and improve the welfare of our Filipino teachers nationwide.


Teachers’ Tribute

Teachers’ Tribute

Special events organized to honor and thank our teachers

Teachers all over the country are honored for their passion and service by the Gabay Guro Program. The Teachers’ Tribute pillar aims to give thanks to our dear teachers for all the things they have done for us. From the annual Grand Gathering to the Tribute Card, we hope to touch the lives of those who have changed ours.

Over 500,000 teachers have participated in the Grand Gathering events in Metro Manila and 12 Regional Teacherfest Events (CARSIGMA, Davao, Leyte, Capiz, Bohol, Agusan, Bulacan, Bataan, Navotas, Laguna, Metro Cauayan, Quirino, and 3 out of the country – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong)

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Giving back to those who have given us so much

The Teachers’ Tribute pillar is the program’s humble way of showing its appreciation to our dear teachers, who deserve our deepest gratitude. They endure poor teaching conditions, lack of classroom and basic facilities, low pay and benefits, and other problems to teach us everything they know. They have shown us not only brilliance of minds, but kindness of hearts full of love, and unwavering passion to teach.

For this, they merit more than verbal gesture of thanks; they deserve something special and tangible. The teachers are given the Gabay Guro Tribute Card which is distributed during trainings and events which allow them to get freebies from several teacher-friendly establishments.